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What’s New?

CNC High Definition Plasma Cutter

Emmert has upgraded its precision cutting with a latest generation high definition CNC plasma cutter. Not only does the machine provide quality as-cut edges on gage thick metals but nearly the same smoothness can be achieved on 3/4" hard-to-cut stainless steel.

Messer Metalmaster III
  • Fully CNC plasma cutter
  • Cuts all metals
  • Cutting window: 6' x 10'
  • Cutting thickness: 28 gauge - 3/4" (including stainless steel)
  • Cut quality is near laser
  • Dimension tolerance: to .010"


Currently Emmert Welding processes a gamut of materials: tool steels, mold aluminum alloy 7075, beryllium copper and Ampco alloys. Within the last several years, our ability to do microwelding has been extended to high power magnification with low-end energy reliability.We have developed the means to place discrete welds on highly thermal conductive materials, including copper and aluminum alloys.

  • All alloys
  • Multiple magnification powers for precise location of weld
  • Highly discreet, low amperage capability
  • Filler metal down to .005" diameter

80" CNC Lathe

Equipment upgrades include a new CNC lathe (80" between centers with 14-1/2" swing over slide).

Harrison Alpha Plus 5505
  • Capacity: 80" between centers; 22" over the ways; 14" over the carriage; 32" in the gap

4 Axis Vertical Machining Center

The addition of a new vertical machining center (a 51" x 24" table with 40" travel in X 24" in Y and 25" in Z) complement our manual machining capabilities.

Tree Vertical Machine Center 4024
  • Capacity: 40"X, 24"Y, 24"Z
  • 25/30 hp direct drive spindle
  • 20 station automatic tool changer
  • Full 4 axis capability