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Maintenance and Repair
We are a true one-stop repair facility for your capital equipment.

Whether it be castings (large or small), shafts, gears, etc, we can perform all phases of the repair, and, in many cases, provide you with a better performing component than the OEM product.

We weld, thermal spray (metallize), machine and heat treat virtually all materials including cast irons, steels, nickel alloys (Hastelloys and Inconels), copper alloys (brasses and bronzes), titanium, aluminum, magnesium, cobalt alloys (Stellites) and plastics.

Included in our repair services is access to our metallurgical lab where we can inspect your parts for cracks and flaws, and, in many cases, recommend materials that will provide additional strength, wear, corrosion resistance, etc.
Maintenance & Repair Equipment

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