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Metallizing & Hardfacing Surface Engineered Coatings
We can provide surface engineered coatings for OEM and repair applications.

One quality that sets Emmert apart from our competition is our knowledge of coatings, of overlays, of metals and of processes for various applications. Our personnel can react with speed and the broadest flexibility to meet your needs for surface engineerred coatings.

Emmert offers a surface engineered coating to resist corrosion, wear, heat or electricity; to enhance electrical and heat conductivity; to improve appearance; to salvage mis-machined or worn components.

Our metallizing / hardfacing capabilities include:
  • Hundreds of coatings available, tailored to meet individual requirements
  • OEM, Restoration and Rebuilding Shafts, Rings, Seals, Bushings, Volutes, Impellers, Sleeves, Cyclinders & Tool Edges
  • Thermal spray & Welded Overlays OD/ID application, All Major Processes
  • Precision Finishing Turning, Milling, Grinding, Honing & Microfinishing
  • Technical Analysis of Customer Needs
  • In-house Testing Support

Metallizing / Hardfacing Equipment

Thermal Spray/Metallizing Application
  • High Velocity Oxygen Fuel - TAFA JP-5000, Metco Diamond Jet
  • Arc Wire - TAFA
  • Plasma - Plasmadyne
  • Conventional Flame - Eutectic & Metco
Hardfacing Application Units
  • Plasma Transferred Arc
  • Traditional Welding Power Supplies - Mig, Tig, Stick & Oxy-fuel
Positioning Equipment
  • Lathes, Positioners
Programmable Spray Gun Manipulator
Liquid Oxygen System
Surface Preparation
Abrasive Grit Cabinets & Blast Room