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Failure Analysis / Solution
Emmert provides forensic aids along with the tests

Emmert presses for solutions rather than just perfoming tests that may be initially requested. Many times the environment and surrounding facts are more important than tests.

A diverse range of products have been evaluated, including fractured tools/dies, cracked condenser cooling tubes, failed firearms, ruptured water storage tank, broken truck trailer pins, broken car hauler ratchet bars, cracked/broken conveyor chains, cracked/broken equipment shafts, cracked tool plates, corroded sanitary stainless steel tubes, broken duplex stainless shafts overlaid with Stellite 6, broken lever arm assembly of forklift steering component. The failure modes have ranged through hydrogen embrittlement, galvanic corrosion due to stray electrical currents, too liberal hardness/chemical requirements, lack of preheat/post heat conditioning with weld joint design stress concentration, and atmospheric corrosion.
Analysis Equipment
Nondestructive Testing
  • X-Ray
  • Magnetic Particle - visible & fluorescent
  • Liquid Penetrant - visible & fluorescent
  • Visual
Mechanical Testing
  • Hardness: (standard & microhardness)
  • Tension
  • Compression
  • Shear
  • Surface Finish
Material Characterization
(Identifying unknown metals)
  • Carbon Determinator
  • X-Ray Spectrograph
  • Optical, Standard, Stereo, Metallograph
  • Scanning Electron Access
Leak Tester